Industrial districts - Overview

Some italian industrial districts


The Textile industry in Italy is one of the major wool producers in the world and certainly the most important in the production of high quality yarn and wool fabrics and other prized tissue fibers (cashmere, alpaca, etc.). In particular, the main productions concern the clothing fabrics and yarns for weaving and knitting; There are also other related sectors such as knitwear, linen, household, sportswear, nonwovens, as well as all ancillary work in the textile wool (combing, dyeing, finishing, etc.).


The Furniture District is mainly specialized in the production of furniture for the home furniture (wardrobes, tables, chairs, etc.), And items for decoration, outdoor furniture, floors, fixtures, and so on.


The district is represented in the rubber processing industries specializing in seals (known for '"O-Ring" on standardized production), used in various sectors: from car to home appliances; by streamlining the food industry; from construction to tap. These industries are now the most important suppliers for user companies, both Italian and foreign.

Processing of non-precious metals:

In this area we find qualified companies in the casting of metals, followed by the production of iron, steel and iron alloys and in the manufacture and processing of metal products (hinges, locks, valves, housewares, plumbing etc.).

Medical equipment:

The sector is specialized in medical equipment and surgical devices, precision and optical instruments.

Goldsmith and Precious Metals:

Every year in the Piedmont district are processed approximately 30 tons of gold and 80% of the precious stones imported into Italy, with a production value of more than € 1,500 million, of which more than 50% for all 'abroad.

Hides and skins:

Companies that specialize primarily in the preparation and dressing of leather and manufacture of luggage, handbags and saddlery.


The footwear district in Italy is one of the most important centers of production of shoes of the European Union is the world leader in athletic footwear technology (ski boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots, etc.). Another branch of the footwear industry is the walking shoe leather and leather use "common" (for both men and women). The district has a strong propensity for the international marketing of its products.


The district is represented by companies involved in the wine business, producing high-quality "moscato" (typical Italian sparkling wine), Barolo (the "king of wines" or "the wine of kings"), but also Barbera d 'Alba, Barbaresco, and so on.

Processing of non-metallic metals:

Firms do the production and processing of Marble, Ceramic, Glass Murano (Venezia) famous throughout the world for its artistic glass is now being exported to about 35% of the total, and of 'slate, this black stone is used in Italy, especially in the production of boards, but is also used for building use (roofs and floors plus fixtures such as doors, fireplaces, etc.) and in the manufacture of billiard plans.

Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering:

In the broad range of industrial activities is possible to distinguish three main categories:

  • machine for wine (bottling machines for wines and spirits in general, labeling and rinsing, production of plastic caps and cork, pressure tanks, reservoirs, tanks, vats);
  • machinery for textiles, machines for the production of direct and indirect necessary for the processing of the tissue;
  • machinery for the production of rubber gaskets;
  • machine for footwear, machinery processing (laminating, assembly and installation, design studios, fustellifici, shoe laces , etc.);
  • Capital goods (manufacturers of machine tools and measuring machines, and all the activities associated with them, sector: household, taps, valves);
  • In vehicle (engineering companies, mechatronics and manufacturing of plastics and rubber industry, specializing in the production of components for vehicles).

Car and Motor bike industries:

Italy is the one the significant automobile producers in Europe and the World.

The automotive industry in Italy is best known of its automobile designs and small city cars, sports and supercars.

Today the Italian automotive industry is almost totally dominated by FCA Group, which includes several famous brands such as Fiat, Chrysler,  Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep, Ferrari and Maserati.


Other prestigious car in Italy are Lamborghini and Pagani Automobili.


In the motorbike market the major motorcycle manufacturers are Ducati, Aprilia, Piaggio & C. and Moto Guzzi.


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